ZERO WASTE is a project whose main objective is to promote the social inclusion of the rural areas in the field of education with content related to reducing food waste. As well as to improve the professional development of teachers by creating educational gamification tool with scientific content.

As part of the Project development and to achieve our objective, Zero Waste develops a number of materials that are openly available for anyone who want to consult and use them. Do you want to know more about these resources? You can find them here:


¿How is the Project developed?

Zero Waste is divided in four development phases, which will allow to progressively refine the content of the guides and guarantee their scope and effectiveness:

    • First phase: Design and development. In this phase the materials that will be used in the following phases will be developed. All of the resources generated will be validated by the experts committee from UNIZAR-IA2.
    • Second phase: Execution. A network of contacts will be created with whom the didactic interventions will take place, using the materials and games developed. This phase will also be used for dissemination of the project.
    • Third phase: Assessment. In this phase, the obtained results will be analyzed, as well as the use given to the resources in order to introduce modifications and improvements.
    • Fourth phase: Building an open toolkit. Once the improvements of the previous phases have been implemented, an open digital platform will be created with tools to work on waste reduction.


Intelectual Outputs

Zero Waste seeks to be a knowledge source about food waste available to everyone, in order to ensure that the information needed to achieve the Zero Waste objective is accessible and effective. The resources developed to do so can be found in the following sections:

      • Training methodology
        The basic guide to learn new learning and teaching methodologies through gamification, such as puzzles, challenges and tests.
      • Digital Toolkit and Role Playing Games
        In this section, the biggest resource diversity can be found, including contests, digital games, gamification examples, workshops and role playing games.
      • Good Practices Guide
        This guide serves as a reference in order to take actions related with food waste, so that families can download and use it easily at home.


The Zero Waste project begins

The Zero Waste project begins and the website starts up! Here you will find all the resources you need to immerse yourself in this sustainable way of life. Here you will find everything from educational guides to workshops, infographics and practical advice. In our “Intellectual Outputs” section you can find everything you need to learn more about how your food

What is Zero Waste?

Welcome to the Zero Waste project! If you were searching for a project with which you could learn how to reduce your environmental impact through reducing waste, you are in the right place. The Zero Waste project tries to raise awareness on how our actions affect our environment through innovative educational methods, such as gamification. But the project tries to

International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

Today, 29th September, is International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, and the ZERO WASTE project has released its first findings. These initial results comprise and present information gathered from a questionnaire distributed to individuals aged between 18 and 60 years old in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and Romania. The questionnaire asked respondents about their shopping and habits and