ESCIENCIA is an enterprise that has mastered expertise in Science Communication and popularization of Science. We have developed tools and methodologies to bring all kind of public closer to specific topics, and designed content and actions for all kinds of publics, looking for an impact that creates a unique experience. We create educational content to transfer knowledge and bring science closer to society with the idea that science can be fun and can be for everyone. We have an open lab targeted to kids ( and work with schools all over the country.

We have 25 permanent staff and over 100 temporary staff to develop project and that allow people to CREATE, EXPERIENCE and FEEL the passion to discover.

ESCIENCIA has coordinated the European Researchers’ Night in Zaragoza (H2020 MSCA actions) for the past 9 years (Wanderlust Grant agreement ID: 818803), and work in different public engagement projects such Food Unfolded (EIT FOOD). We have also acted as subcontractor in the communication and outreach activities of different EU funded projects such as: Stimula EAC/49/2010, Revalpet (interreg POCTEFA), Carbazimes (No 635595), Metafluidics (No 635595), Haverstore, (No 824072), Hypathia (No. 665566) and Nano2all (No 685931).

INSTITUTO AGROALIMENTARIO DE ARAGÓN – IA2 (AgriFood Institute of Aragon – IA2) is a university research structure with mixed funding (University of Zaragoza / Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragón – CITA). It was launched after the official approval of the Government of Aragon (Spain), issued on 22 May 2015.

IA2 originated in response to the joint concerns of a large community of researchers from different areas of the agrifood sciences who wished to join forces in a university research structure that could create new synergies, optimize resources, associate their shared concerns and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration. IA2 was created with the goal of serving as a benchmark of excellence in the agrifood area at regional, national and international levels: Congregating a number of researchers who are specialized in different links in the food chain Encouraging interaction and coordination among disciplines as a factor that multiplies each specialty’s capacities Sharing experience, structures, services, resources and techniques. IA2 has 4 departments and around 300 researchers organized in four areas:

Department 1 – Production of Raw Materials of Vegetable Origin

Department 2 – Production of Raw Materials of Animal Origin

Department 3 – Food science and technology

Department 4 – Agri-food and natural resource economics

One of the main aims of IA2 is to respond to the social challenge of ensuring competitiveness and sustainable development from social, industrial, economic and environmental perspective of the agri-food sector, as well as increasing food quality and guaranteeing the health of citizens through healthy diet.

PREVIFORM has a wide range of experience in the area of adult training in almost all modalities, as well as a vast experience in providing consulting in areas that specialize in Occupational Safety, Food Safety and Hygiene field and Nutrition.

The company is continually searching for the best investments and strategies to increase their human and technical resources, with expertise in the area of Occupational Health and Safety and Health at Food. Thus, the company intends to respond with efficiency and high quality to the needs of their customers. PREVIFORM provides vocational training at various European levels II, III, V. Currently these levels of training are offered through the following modalities: Certified Training; Continuous Training; Specialized Technological Training Courses. PREVIFORM’s main objectives are: Contribute towards adult training by providing the appropriate skills required for qualified professionals; Develop mechanisms which facilitate and promote the transaction between training and the labour market; Provide trainees with solid socio-cultural, scientific and technological training. Our organization’s target groups are small and medium enterprises in consulting of health and safety at work, food safety and training the employed/unemployed who want to invest more in their education and in the construction of a network of relationships that may contribute to the improvement of their professional career. Conscious of the growth of the unemployment our organization provide training adapted to the needs of the unemployed, 80% of our trainees are unemployed and in risk of exclusion.

The goal is simple: prepare them for immediate integration into the labour market. Another aspect of our activity that has been put into practice in the development of projects is the creation of educational tools that make learning more attractive, using new communication and information technologies, especially for and adults from social backgrounds disadvantaged groups, seeking to give them equal opportunities, and encouraging them to play a more active role in terms of citizenship, which we consider to be essential for promoting social cohesion.

SITES Ltd. – Established in 2017 and headquartered in Ireland, Sustainable Innovation Technology Services Limited (SITES) is a high-growth knowledge intensive consulting company that has expanded its operation on a global scale, collaborating with European and international companies and research centres. The growth of SITES can be attributed to the innovative and specific green tech consulting services that the company offers to private and public entities, specializing in energy, water, waste, the circular economy, and sustainability, as well as the support it provides to industrial and research organisations in defining and implementing their innovation and research strategies. SITES is an associate member of the Shannon Chamber of Commerce and support cross-sectorial multi stakeholder collaboration and innovation management, in particular, on circular business models in water, energy, food and drink industries in Ireland and Europe. SITES is also a full member of the Water Europe platform in water agriculture and green infrastructures. SITES is thus best placed to support SMEs by designing and implementing international business, marketing, IPR and exploitation strategies for market uptake of innovative solutions. SITES’s strengths lie in its high calibre people: a pool of professional consultants with consolidated experience in international working environments; specialized in consultancy services for research and development projects; and highly proficient in advanced methodologies, promotional tools, and ICT solutions. Its expert consultants have worked on a range of EC funded projects, and together we can draw on an expert bank of knowledge and expertise in R&D and innovation, technology transfer, and IT solutions.

SPEKTRUM EDUCATIONAL CENTER FOUNDATION The Spektrum Educational Centre was established in 1996 as a nongovernmental organization. As a self-sustaining, dynamic organization that is open to cooperation, our aim is to offer a wide range of formal and informal trainings to the organizations wishing to develop in the region, and also to those wishing to learn without age limits. We offer language courses, from beginner to advanced levels in small groups and individual lessons as well in ENGLISH, GERMAN, ROMANIAN, FRENCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, HUNGARIAN, and CHINESE. Within the framework of our educational development projects, we are searching for effective ways and Newsletter September 2021

FEDERACION ARAGONESA DE MUNICIPIOS COMARCAS Y PROVINCIAS (SPAIN) The Federation of Municipalities, Counties and Provinces is a non-profit organization (governed by public law) established in 1988 devoted to defending and represent the interests of local authorities as well as the promotion of their economic and social development. We take in especial consideration the necessities of the rural areas in order to improve their quality of life and the promotion of their European citizenship. FAMCP represents all municipalities and Local Authorities in Aragón (731 town councils, 33 counties and 3 provinces). The Federation of Municipalities, Counties and Provinces of Aragón collaborates closely with regional department units responsible for regional development (education, environment, local administration, EU affaires…) as well as with other local, regional, national and international institutions dedicated to promote the local and regional interests. FAMCP has a wide experience in EU interregional cooperation: FAMCP has coordinated as Lead Partner the Regional Framework Operation SMART, and SMART+ and participated in other EU programs.

FAMCP works with the Unit of Attention to Victims with Intellectual Disability and disabilities people in Aragon. FAMCP works under Commissions (which involves directly local public representatives) in which studies are prepared and proposals are made on issues directly related to the purposes of the Federation.